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The didgeridoo is a musical wind instrument from Australia. The aborigines there made these from limbs that had been hollowed out by an insect. The sound is very unique and immediately brings images of Australia to mind. Bamboo may have been used by some people in areas where it grew. It’s easy to make a didgeridoo from bamboo.

What you will need:

A length of bamboo cane, about 2″ in diameter and 5 to 6 feet long.

A piece of steel rebar or threaded rod, 3 feet long.

A small piece of bee’s wax.


Propane torch

Fine sandpaper

Black shoe polish

I used a piece of Moso cane because it has a unique look with a base that flares out in diameter but any bamboo cane about 2 inches in diameter will do. I also blackened the bamboo which I will cover after the basic building instructions. Cut your cane to about 5 feet long. I have better luck with something about 6 inches shorter than that but start with 5′. You change the key of the didgeridoo by changing the length. I have no musical sense so I can’t tune mine, perhaps you can! When first obtaining the bamboo, cut just above a node on the smaller end where the mouthpiece will be. Then measure down toward the base and cut it to length at that end.

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