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Japanes TImber Bamboo

Giant Bamboo

Giant bamboos can be spectacular and breathtaking.  The species here grow from 3  to 7 inches in diameter and up to 70 feet tall. They also come in a variety of colors, from different shades of green, to yellow, gray and striped.

Ruscus Bamboo

Screening Bamboo

When I sold bamboo most of the request were for screening bamboo. From  a few feet tall to a 30 foot wall there’s a perfect bamboo. Some have tiny leaves, others have giant leaves and they can make a screen too dense to penetrate.

Extremely Cold Hardy Bamboo

All the bamboos listed on these pages are cold hardy down to at least a few degrees above zero.  Some are extremely cold hardy and will stay green and leafy down to -10, -15, even -20F. 

Dwarf Bamboo

Some species of bamboo only get a few inches tall, others only a few feet.  The smallest looks like a lawn if mowed.  Some are variegated or multi-colored.

Psuedosasa japonica Tsutsumiana

Container Bamboos

Almost any bamboo can be grown in a container but some are ideal.  You can choose a size that’s right for your needs and a particular look. Many will do well in lower light conditions.

Spectabilis bamboo

Bamboo List

You’ll find a list of many of the running bamboos here.