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Native Carnivorous Plants

venus flytrap

Venus Flytraps

Genus Dionaea – There is only one species of Venus Flytrap but hundreds of varities called cultivars.  These range from large to small, various colors and mutations.  This page list and describes some of the more popular types.


Genus Drosera – There are over 150 species of Drosera, some sources say close to 200.  Most are tropical but these are all temperate, native to the United States. These trap insects with sticky traps covered with mucilage.  Sundews usually have little hairs with a drop of glue on the ends.



Genus Pinguicula – This genus contains approximately 80 species.  The ones listed here are all temperate. There are a great many tropical species, many of which are native to Mexico. These have sticky leaves the trap small insects much like flypaper.

Sarracenia flava

Pitcher Plants

Genus Sarracenia – Some sources say there are 8 species, others say 11.  All are native to the US and use pitfall traps. The insects are lured, or fall into the pictures which contain digestive fluids.