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Purple Butterwort


Cold Resistance: 

There are several species of Pinguiculas.  Some are tropical, some warm temperate, and others cold temperate.  The ones I’ve grown are cold temperate and probably Pinguicula vulgariss.
Butterwort means “Little greasy one”. The plants have a rosette of fat leaves that produce an oily substance on the surface of the leaves that tiny insects stick to. The Butterwort’s (called “Pings”) leaves can slowly curve up on the edges causing the sticky fluid to pool up further trapping the prey. 

When Pings are thriving they make really unique little plants that have lovely flowers in the spring. Not sure why but Butterworts are my favorite carnivorous species of pl,ants. I have had only moderate success growing Pings. When I had an artificial bog there was a nice healthy patch of them but when I moved all the plants to containers the Pings never recovered fully. I mangaged to keep a couple thriving by providing some shade as the plants didn’t seem to care for the intense evening sun.

Notice the tiny insects stuck to the leaves on picture below.