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Giant Bamboo Species

Giant Moso Bamboo

Moso Bamboo

Moso is the largest of the cold hardy bamboo.  I can get up to 7 inches in diameter and 75 feet tall. With tiny leaves and a velvet like feel on new canes it is a beautiful bamboo.  

vivax bamboo

Vivax Bamboo

Vivax is the  second largest of the cold hardy bamboos. Canes can get up to 6 inches in diameter and 65 to 70 feet tall.  Smooth, deep green canes make an impressive grove to walk through.

Japanes TImber Bamboo

Japanese Timber Bamboo

Japanese Timber Bamboo is very similar in look to Vivax.  They grow to abou the same size but Timber bamboo has thicker walls making them ideal for construction.

Black Stripe Bamboo

Black Stripe Bamboo

Black Stripe Bamboo has a look similar to Giant Gray Henon, the primary difference are the dark brown to black stripes on alternating sides of the internodes. Canes can get up to almost 4 inches in diameter and 55 feet tall.

Castillion Bamboo

Castillion Bamboo

One of my favorites, Castillion bamboo can get almost 4 inches in diameter and 60 feet tall.  The canes are bright yellow with green stripes on alternate sides of the internodes.  A beautiful giant that really stands out.

Giant Gray Henon

GIant Gray Henon

Giant Gray Henon is distinct from all the other giants with gray canes that give a grove a ghostly look.  I can always spot this species from a distance by the beautiful gray color.

Sweet Shoot Bamboo

Sweet Shoot Bamboo

Sweet Shoot is supposed to have the best eating shoots.  The canes get up to 3 inches in diameter and 40 feet tall.  They often have a wavy, sinuous look.  This is another one of my favorites.


Houzeau Bamboo

Houzeau is a big green bamboo with yellow stripes on alternate sides.  It has somewhat curvy canes and get about 3 inches in diameter and 45 tall.  Canes are good for construction and reach full size fairly quickly.

Incense Bamboo

Incense Bamboo

Insense bamboo is called this because its supposed to have an insense smell when scratched.  I’ve never been able to smell it. The canes grow up to 3 inches an have a distinct, compact look. An excellent timber bamboo with strong, straight canes.

Pigskin Bamboo

This bamboo gets it’s common name from the dimpled surface texture of the canes, much like a football.